Pieces of Eight – Math Challenge 06

My Form 3 class tackled Challenge 06 posted by Jason Ermer at http://www.collaborativemathematics.org/ The problem was to reach 1000 using only the number 8 and + signs. It was fun to generate the possible answers and then make a video. The original music was the Beatles “Eight Days a Week” but copyright laws did not allow it. Ah well…..


6 thoughts on “Pieces of Eight – Math Challenge 06

  1. Hi Lizzie, I love the video you created with your students. My favorite part was in the last few methods where they showed the strategy of replacing an 88 with 11 eights added together to create a new way. I am excited to give the problem to my students and then show the video after they have a chance to work on it. I will also go take a look at Jason’s site too. Thanks again!

      • I was sort of sad when Common Core took probability out of the 6th grade. I know somethings had to go for the content standards to be fewer taken deeper. I heard Dan Meyers at a common core workshop in the summer of 2012 and I have used many of his problems. Do you know his blog? It is dy/dan at blog.mrmeyers.com
        There is so much great stuff out there, I just need more time to explore it.

  2. I do follow dy/dan. I agree there is so much out there, it is overwhelming sometimes. Great to always be learning! BTW, I am e-mailing you the original video via drop box. The original music we used was “Eight days a week” by the Beatles! It was a perfect accompaniment but not allowed by youtube due to copyright laws.

  3. Thanks so much for the video. You are so right that the eight days a week song is perfect. So right it is sometimes overwhelming. But I just can’t understand teachers who do the same thing over and over expecting different results when there is so much great stuff out there!!!

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